About Us


About Us

Who are we?

Our team of professionals will ensure that the most important moments of life are recorded, we will reproduce all the emotions experienced at unique events that will remain
not only memories, but also recorded forever, so you can relive them again! EvoStudio offers you the services of a professional wedding photographer and videographer at the best price-quality ratio in Moldova. Working on the holidays, we met a lot of videographers and photographers! We have created, in our opinion, the most convenient service packages at the best price in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time photo and video
Our companies are well known, constantly work - and can make their work much brighter and more interesting, and the price for these services will be the best on the market.

Are you interested in the activities of our specialists?

Then the next step for you will be to call us for a free consultation on booking the date of interest. We will meet with you and, based on your wishes, draw up a script for the Wedding Day. A photographer and a videographer (there are two of them) come to the wedding, each does his own thing, without disturbing the others. Working in pairs and capturing all the significant moments of the wedding celebration with the help of modern high-quality technologies, the photographer and videographer convey the atmosphere of the holiday as realistically as possible. We are at your disposal and will take into account all your wishes to create the most unique and creative commercial video.